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What we ship & where.

We ship cards & product to the UK, and cards only to Europe/EU, Canada, the USA and Japan.  Customers from other countries please contact us directly to see if we can arrange something for you.

The Buylist & Selling to us

Our buylist is realtime and should accurately reflect what we need at that moment.  However on occasions errors can occur and so we may have to alter the amount we can accept or the price we are offering. We promise to keep the buylist as accurate as we can.

We accept Mint/Near Mint cards so please take care to be accurate in what you send to us.  There can be exceptions for older cards (eg. Dual lands, Moxes) but contact us first to make sure we agree to the price/condition.

If there are any errors in the items sent (eg. wrong sets, quantities, or condition) which will significantly affect prices we will contact you.  We may make a different offer but if we can't agree on a new price we will return the item to you at our cost.  An exception to this: If what is sent is obviously & clearly not what was agreed, we will only return the items at your cost.

Please send the cards in the order they are presented on the buylist.  This will help us to process your order and pay you faster.

We want you to be paid safely and quickly.  As soon as we have received and checked your items we will pay you by:

- Bank transfer
- Paypal

or if you choose credit we will add the credit to your account.  If you want to be paid by bank transfer, please choose 'check' as your payment option.

See our buylist page for more details.

Accuracy of information

We will use our best efforts to ensure that information on our site is accurate, but mistakes can occur.  We will make all reasonable efforts to correct any errors as soon as we can. Please let us know if you see any errors.

Acceptance of orders

An order is accepted by us at the time we commence processing it.

Price Fluctuations

Magic Cards are collectibles and can be subject to large and sudden fluctuations in price due to changes in demand.  We try to keep our prices up to date and to reflect a fair market price.  We may honour orders in the event of a market price rise but we reserve the right to amend or cancel an order if it is not economical to do so.  In the event that this happens we will give you the option of paying the extra, refunding you for the cards in question or cancelling the order, whichever you would prefer.

TO BE CLEAR: If, at the time of processing your order, the market price of the card is 25% higher, or £5 higher than the paid price, we are likely to deem the price to be no longer accurate.  If you are unhappy with the possibility of an order being amended in such circumstances, please do not place the order.


Accuracy of Orders

If we are short of any product to a small extent (eg a few cards missing, or a small value) in order to get your order out quickly we will send what we have and refund the difference. If it is to a large extent we will contact you first to ask what you would like to do.  If you want to be contacted in the event of any discrepancy at all, let us know in your order.  Unless we specifically agree, we do not do back orders.

We thoroughly check each order before final shipping. Please check your order when you receive it. If you believe we have made a mistake let us know straight away.  We'll take it that everything is fine if we don't hear from you within 7 days.

Fraud & Security

Taking payment by credit/debit card can be a risk so we may conduct reasonable checks or require proof of identity/address/payment method.  Unfortunately we may decide a purchase is too risky to accept. Unless we are familiar with you we may also insist that an order is sent only to the address of the cardholder.

Picking Up Orders

Orders can only be posted. (unless we specifically agree to a pick up)

Speculative Buying

We are first and foremost a site for ordinary customers looking to play and enjoy their hobby so we do our best to keep prices low.  If we have orders which are, in our opinion, buying primarily to re-sell at a profit, we may amend or cancel the order.  We will contact you first before we do this.  We may allow wholesale purchases if we agree this beforehand (eg if you are a retail shop that we have a business relationship with. Contact us if you wish to buy larger stock amounts for your hobby shop!) If you are unhappy with the possibility of an order being amended in these circumstances, please do not place the order.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus

Personal referrals are our best way of attracting new customers and we hope that the service and prices we give will make this easy for you to do.  As a thank you we will give you 10% of your friend's first order in store credit, and your friend will get 20% off their first order. 

PLEASE NOTE: This discount is for single card orders only.  Margins on sealed product are unfortunately too slim to offer the 20% discount on.

Note: If we detect any attempts to cheat by claiming multiple bonuses with bogus names, addresses or email addresses, or a group of people trying to refer each other your order will be cancelled and you will be not be allowed to use the site. Your common sense will know if you are playing nice or trying to "game" the system!

Your data

We only use your data for administering your account.  Your personal details are stored securely on Crystal Commerce's servers.  We absolutely will not pass your information to any other person. We may send you occasional emails in connection with our business only.

Your financial information is processed solely by secure third party processors. We never see your credit/debit card details

Delivery issues

To protect us both, some deliveries may require a signature. If the shipping method is trackable we will advise you of how you can check it's progress to you.

If the delivery is damaged please advise the courier at the time you sign for it.

We aim to have orders sent out on the day they are placed or the day after.  We also aim to use a service which will deliver them the following day.  There may be a delay however due to the postal service themselves.  If it is a large, heavy order we may need to use a courier which can take a day or two longer.

Distance Selling Regulations

You have certain rights under distance selling regulations.  If you wish to reject an order then you must tell us this by email within 14 days (  Items must be returned exactly as they were delivered (unopened, and undamaged) For your own peace of mind we recommend using a recorded method to return the order.  When we receive the returned order & have checked it we will refund your original payment in full.

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