If you have any questions not covered here, please contact us directly.   

 Where do you ship to?

At this time we ship to the UK and Europe.
Standard Shipping in the UK is £2 for orders under £5, £1 for orders under £25, and free for orders over £25.
Shipping to Europe is £3 for standard card orders.  Sorry we can ship cards only to these countries, no sealed product or accessories.

If you come from other countries and wish to place an order please contact us directly and see if we can come to an arrangement


How long do you take to ship orders?

Our speed of service is amazing! Our aim is to have orders out within 24 hours.  Generally we have orders out to you on the same day. There is no specific cut-off time but we need to get to the post office with the day's orders by 4.30pm

Orders are sent by 1st class post unless it is bulky and needs to be sent by courier in which case it is 2/3 days for delivery.  We will do our absolute best to get Special Deliveries and Signed For orders out to you the same day.  If something is time critical (for a tournament for example) then let us know when you need them for and we will do our best to accommodate you.


I want a card that you don't have in stock?

If we're out of a card then the buy button will be replaced with a 'wishlist' button.  Hit that and as soon as it's back in stock, you will be emailed to let you know!


I want to sell you cards.  How and when do I get paid?

We prefer to pay into your bank or to your PayPal account. Both ways are free; it's secure, trackable, and most important.. it's instant. As soon as we receive the cards & they're checked, we'll pay you!  You could be sending your cards on a Monday and be paid by Tuesday! Other ways are possible, such as cash on delivery.  Select "Check" when creating a buylist if you want paid by bank transfer.


How do I *actually* sell you things?

You can use the website to sell in just the same way as you would buy.  Go to the buylist section and pick the sets your cards are from.  It will show you exactly what cards we want, how many and how much we are paying.  Create a buylist order and we'll receive it.  As soon as we confirm the full list we'll ask you to post the cards to us. You send, we receive, we check, we pay, easy!  However if it's a larger collection we won't expect you to use the site.  In that case just email/phone us to discuss the specifics.  If you have a list of card names you can paste this into the deckbuilder search (while in buylist mode).  Please note:  The site will ask that you enclose a copy of your buylist order.  It would be great if you do but if you are unable to do this, just put the cards in the correct order (set name, card name), write the order number on the package and we'll sort it.


Do I get more for trading things in?

We give 20% extra on trade-in.  We'll apply the full credit amount to your account

I've got cards from some other games I'd like to sell.

We like Yugioh, Pokemon, Netrunner and all the other games out there! Sadly though at this time we only deal in Magic: The Gathering.